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Nail Care

spa-nail-care-iconKeep your cuticles cute. They say nothing gives away your age like your hands so it's a good idea to make sure they are looking as pampered and perfect as they can be. Our nail technicians are skilled in the art of manicures and pedicures as well as other specialty hand and foot treatments. Let us pamper your hands and feet with any of our fabulous nail treatments.


Seasonal Manicure or Pedicure

Honey-Lavender-Milk Renewal Manicure & Pedicure:  As a heavenly break from the buzzing world outside!
Manicure $55++ or Pedi $70++, 50 Minutes

Slip away for a hand and foot renewal that begins with your feet and legs dipping into a dreamy Buttery Whole Milk and Chicory Root soak.  Hands are wrapped in steeping towels infused with the same soothing Milk blend.  Next a Honey-Lavender Sea Salt + Rice Bran Oil exfoliate smooths and softens legs and feet.  A warmed Yogurt, Honey and Oat Mask designed to smooth and clarify nourishes your skin for hours.  A grand finale massage for both hands and legs includes a Honeysuckle Custard Shea Butter Cream that caresses your skin with essential Vitamins, Aloe, and live Fruit Cells.   Best enjoyed with a glass of Bubbly and a Chocolate Treat! Blooming Joyful!

Service Price
Euphoria Pedicure 80 min $95
Seasonal Pedicure 50 min $70
Champagne & Chocolate Pedicure 50 min $70
Cabernet Hot Stone Pedicure 50 min $65
Men’s Foot Grooming 50 min $55
Seasonal Manicure 50 min $55
Champagne & Chocolate Manicure 50 min $55
Cabernet Hot Stone Manicure 50 min $55
Bourbon MANicure* 40 min $50

Chateau Spa Manicure*


*Spa facilities not included.

40 min $50

Nail Care Enhancements

Only available during a nail care treatment.

Service Price

Gel Polish or Removal

Natural Paraffin (Hands or Feet) $15
Intense Callus Remedy $15
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $20
Shape N Paint $25



Spa Contact
T: 678-425-0900 x 41
Groups: 678-425-6925


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