Inn Spe­cial Touches

Let our Guest Expe­ri­ence Coor­di­na­tor add a spe­cial touch to your stay…

Included in the form below are some of the ways our Guest Expe­ri­ence Coor­di­na­tor can enhance your visit to the Chateau Elan Inn. Select from fruit and cheese plates, wine, flow­ers, gifts, and cakes. Pric­ing shown below includes deliv­ery cost, tax, and gra­tu­ity. Please note these addi­tional ameni­ties will be charged when check­ing out and are not included in your online book­ing rate. If you have any ques­tions please con­tact the Guest Expe­ri­ence Coor­di­na­tor by phone at 678425-​0900 ext. 6503.

If request­ing deliv­ery within 48 hours please call 678425-​0900 x 41 and ask for the Guest Expe­ri­ence Coor­di­na­tor.
Same day orders may not be can­celled and any ameni­ties ordered less than 48 hours from deliv­ery time will not be guaranteed.

Gift Bas­kets

Our themed gift bas­kets offer a vari­ety spe­cial items hand selected by our Guest Expe­ri­ence Coor­di­na­tor. You can find these as options under the Themed Gifts in Page 2 of the form below. Some sea­sonal items included may be changed based on availability.

Geor­gia Peach Gift Basket


Golf Gift Bas­ket (Men & Women)


Spa Gift Basket



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Fruit and Cheese Plates

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Wines and Bub­bly

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$7Cus­tomized Wine Label

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If you added a bot­tle of wine you may choose to cus­tomize your wine label with a spe­cial mes­sage.

Invalid Input Includes:
Chateau Elan Robe, Slip­pers (Please indi­cate size), Lotion, Bub­ble Bath, and Aroma Can­dle
If Spa Gift Bas­ket is selected, please indi­cate slip­per size:

Invalid Input

Invalid Input Includes:
Peach Wine, 2 Logo Wine Glasses, Chateau Elan Bot¬tle Opener, Chateau Elan Wine Stop-​per, Peach Honey, Peach Cook­ies, Peach Bites Hard Candy, Peach Bellini Frozen Drink Mix

Invalid Input Includes:
Chateau Elan Logo Items includ­ing Golf Shirt (Indi­cate size below for MEN or WOMEN), Golf Hat, Wooden Golf Tees, 3 Golf Balls, Golf Towel, Score Card, and Course Map
If Golf Gift Bas­ket is selected, please indi­cate shirt size for MEN:

Invalid Input
If Golf Gift Bas­ket is selected, please indi­cate shirt size for WOMEN:

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Invalid Input
If you selected a Cake or a Themed Gift that includes a cake, what kind would you like?

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This is option only applies if you are request­ing a Cake, or a Themed Gift that includes a cake.


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Room Enhance­ments

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Your Name(*)

Please let us know your name.
Reser­va­tion Con­fir­ma­tion Num­ber

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Deliv­ery Date(*)

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Deliver To (Recip­i­ent Name)

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Spe­cial Deliv­ery Instruc­tions
Please indi­cate any addi­tional spe­cific details about how you would like your Inn Spe­cial Touch deliv­ered. Some ameni­ties may require you to indi­cate addi­tional infor­ma­tion, please do so here.

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Deliv­ery Time for Ser­vices(*)

Please indicate delivery times for services. Indi­cate deliv­ery times for all ameni­ties requested. Exam­ples: Every­thing: Upon arrival Choco­lates: 7 pm Flow­ers: 5 pm …etc.
I have read and under­stand the can­cel­la­tion pol­icy.

I also under­stand the charges incurred will appear on my room bill at check-​out unless alter­nate pay­ment is arranged with the Guest Expe­ri­ence Coordinator.

Can­cel­la­tion Pol­icy: There is a 24 hour can­cel­la­tion pol­icy; if can­celled within the 24 hours the full amount of your order will be charged. All orders will be placed on the room bill unless oth­er­wise noted. Same day orders are non-​cancelable and any ameni­ties ordered less than 48 hours from deliv­ery time will not be guaranteed.

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