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Let our Guest Experience Coordinator add a special touch to your stay...


Included in the form below are some of the ways our Guest Experience Coordinator can enhance your visit to the Chateau Elan Inn.  Select from fruit and cheese plates, wine, flowers, gifts, and cakes. Pricing shown below includes delivery cost, tax, and gratuity. Please note these additional amenities will be charged when checking out and are not included in your online booking rate. If you have any questions please contact the Guest Experience Coordinator by phone at 678-425-0900 ext. 6503.

If requesting delivery within 48 hours please call 678-425-0900 x 41 and ask for the Guest Experience Coordinator.
Same day orders may not be cancelled and any amenities ordered less than 48 hours from delivery time will not be guaranteed.

Gift Baskets

Our themed gift baskets offer a variety special items hand selected by our Guest Experience Coordinator.  You can find these as options under the Themed Gifts in Page 2 of the form below.  Some seasonal items included may be changed based on availability.

Georgia Peach Gift Basket


Golf Gift Basket (Men & Women)


Spa Gift Basket




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Fruit and Cheese Plates

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Wines and Bubbly

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$7 - Customized Wine Label

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If you added a bottle of wine you may choose to customize your wine label with a special message.

Invalid Input Includes:
Chateau Elan Robe, Slippers (Please indicate size), Lotion, Bubble Bath, and Aroma Candle
If Spa Gift Basket is selected, please indicate slipper size:

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Invalid Input Includes:
Peach Wine, 2 Logo Wine Glasses, Chateau Elan Bot¬tle Opener, Chateau Elan Wine Stop-per, Peach Honey, Peach Cookies, Peach Bites Hard Candy, Peach Bellini Frozen Drink Mix

Invalid Input Includes:
Chateau Elan Logo Items including Golf Shirt (Indicate size below for MEN or WOMEN), Golf Hat, Wooden Golf Tees, 3 Golf Balls, Golf Towel, Score Card, and Course Map
If Golf Gift Basket is selected, please indicate shirt size for MEN:

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If Golf Gift Basket is selected, please indicate shirt size for WOMEN:

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If you selected a Cake or a Themed Gift that includes a cake, what kind would you like?

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This is option only applies if you are requesting a Cake, or a Themed Gift that includes a cake.


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Room Enhancements

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Special Delivery Instructions
Please indicate any additional specific details about how you would like your Inn Special Touch delivered. Some amenities may require you to indicate additional information, please do so here.

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Delivery Time for Services(*)

Please indicate delivery times for services. Indicate delivery times for all amenities requested. Examples: Everything: Upon arrival Chocolates: 7 pm Flowers: 5 pm ...etc.
I have read and understand the cancellation policy.

I also understand the charges incurred will appear on my room bill at check-out unless alternate payment is arranged with the Guest Experience Coordinator.

Cancellation Policy: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy; if cancelled within the 24 hours the full amount of your order will be charged. All orders will be placed on the room bill unless otherwise noted. Same day orders are non-cancelable and any amenities ordered less than 48 hours from delivery time will not be guaranteed.

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