Going Green

Your Guide to Château Élan’s Green and Envi­ron­men­tal Initiatives

Mis­sion: For Château Élan to be a part of the world-​wide effort in becom­ing more envi­ron­men­tally effi­cient and aware by imple­ment­ing a Green Ini­tia­tive while main­tain­ing lux­ury stan­dards and keep­ing our guest’s com­forts our first priority.

Why? Enter­ing our main gate every­day is a con­stant reminder of how beau­ti­ful our sur­round­ings are and sup­plies us with the moti­va­tion to main­tain our prop­erty. By tak­ing the steps to become more envi­ron­men­tally aware, we hope to also be a good influ­ence on our com­mu­nity and the hos­pi­tal­ity indus­try. This is not just a phase or idea for Château Élan; this is an ini­tia­tive that every­one is a part of.

What is Château Élan cur­rently doing to become Green?

New Projects

There are now eight elec­tric vehi­cle charg­ing sta­tions avail­able for vis­i­tors at no cost, with the excep­tion of valet park­ing charges. Six of the charg­ers are designed specif­i­cally for Tesla vehi­cles and two are uni­ver­sal charg­ers that may be used with all other elec­tric vehicles.

New, more effi­cient Dyson elec­tric hand dry­ers are installed in many pub­lic restrooms at the Inn to con­serve paper waste.

Con­ser­va­tion Projects:

As part of our recent LED project the Inn, Win­ery, and Con­fer­ence Cen­ter now boast a total of 3,294 LED energy sav­ing light bulbs. Each bulb uses 10W of power ver­sus the stan­dard 60W and are war­rantied for 25,000 hours of use. While in oper­a­tion a total of 164,700 watts are now being con­served through the use of new LED technology.

Many restrooms now also fea­ture motion-​sensor light­ing to auto­mat­i­cally con­serve electricity.

Towel and linen program:

There are tent cards in each guest room on prop­erty stat­ing that guests can hang wet tow­els to re-​use them or leave them in a pile on the floor if they would like them changed. We also change the sheets every three days unless the guest sig­nals oth­er­wise. If the guest does want the sheets switched daily, they sim­ply leave the tent card on the bed.


Waste Pro is pro­vid­ing one-​stream recy­cling dump­sters for the Hotel, Win­ery, Golf, and Paddy’s Pub. This means all recy­clables (office paper, news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, cans, bot­tles, plas­tic, glass, small card­board con­tain­ers, etc) can be inter­mixed into these new con­tain­ers. These are ser­viced weekly.

Card­board only dump­sters have also been pro­vided and will be ser­viced weekly by Waste Pro. These are located at the Hotel, Win­ery, and Paddy’s Pub.

Addi­tional Plas­tic and Alu­minum Recy­cling — Thanks to the ini­tia­tive of pro-​active Golf staff mem­bers, a sys­tem of plas­tic and alu­minum recy­cling is now in place for all cans and bot­tles used by Golfers and Golf Tournaments.

Recy­cling efforts in place at Golf Maintenance:

Used tires — All used tires are returned to the ven­dor for recycling.

Used oil from machin­ery and vehi­cles — All used oil is con­tained and picked up by Uni­ver­sal Envi­ron­ment for recy­cling. Empty oil drums returned.

Anti freeze — Con­tained and picked up by Uni­ver­sal Envi­ron­ment for recycling.

Oil fil­ters — Recy­cled by Uni­ver­sal Envi­ron­ment or Jones Recy­cling Inc.

Scrap steel — Hauled to Jones Recy­cling Inc. yearly.

Used fer­til­izer pal­lets — B & M pal­let com­pany picks up for recycling.

Tree debris — Dead or fallen trees are removed and ground into mulch to be used on foot paths or nat­ural areas through­out the property.

Eques­trian Cen­ter shav­ings — Por­tion recy­cled by South­ern Land­scape Sup­ply for com­post. Remain­der is ben­e­fi­cial for break­down at landfill.

Recy­cled water — Pro­vided by the Town of Brasel­ton to use as irri­ga­tion water for golf courses.

Water Con­ser­va­tion Devices — We cur­rently have toi­let and sink water con­serv­ing devices installed in ten guest rooms. If we do not expe­ri­ence any pres­sure issues, we will install these devices all over property.

Pur­chas­ing — Man­agers are cur­rently switch­ing to more eco-​friendly prod­ucts when order­ing. For exam­ple, Paul Deboer is in charge of order­ing paper for mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als, and is grad­u­ally switch­ing all paper prod­ucts ordered over to at least 30% post-​consumer recycled.

Elim­i­nat­ing Waste — We are try­ing to elim­i­nate unwanted and unnec­es­sary mag­a­zine and cat­a­log sub­scrip­tions. If one of these items comes in the mail, we call the com­pany and politely ask them to quit send­ing them or if it is some­thing nec­es­sary, ask if it can be emailed in dig­i­tal format.

Who is mak­ing sure that Green can hap­pen here at Château Élan?

Ulti­mately, the entire staff at Château Élan is a part of the Green Com­mit­tee and each per­son is required to participate.

Each depart­ment within Château Élan is com­ing up with ways to con­serve paper/​eliminate waste. If you see any­thing that can be done more effi­ciently, please let us know. For exam­ple, where ever capa­ble, doc­u­ments that con­tain mul­ti­ple pages are printed front-​back to save paper, or mar­gins are adjusted to fit more onto one page.

On-​going Research and Goals:

  • Alu­minum, glass, and plas­tic recycling.
  • Com­pact Flu­o­res­cent Lighting
  • Com­post­ing
  • Light sen­sors for guest rooms

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