Dave Pelz Golf School - Château Élan Winery & Resort, Atlanta Georgia

Dave Pelz Scoring Game School

Château Élan is proud to have partnered with golfing professional Dave Pelz to offer his unique approach to golf instruction through the Dave Pelz Golf School program.

The Dave Pelz Scoring Game Golf School applies a practical, scientific approach to golf instruction, honed through years of research and providing golf lessons to many of the game’s top professionals.

Pelz Golf Institute research has proven that golfers lose almost 80 percent of their shots to par inside of 100 yards from the hole. To that end, the golf school curriculum focuses strictly on what Dave defines as “The Scoring Game,” a combination of the short game (distance wedges, pitching, chipping, sand play) and putting, which comprise 60 to 65 percent of the total number of shots played per round. From three-foot putts to full wedge and long bunker shots, at this truly unique golf school, you’ll learn to properly execute shots from any scoring position.

Lessons Offered

  • 3 Day Scoring Game School
  • 2 Day Short Game School
  • 1 Day Golf Clinic

Class Schedule and Enrollment
Link directs to the Dave Pelz website for details and sign-up.




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